Friday, December 6, 2013

Pretty Little Packages (An Ode to Gift Wrap)

Every time I mail a package, I get to design a little extra piece on top of what's inside. No matter what the contents, I simple love adding the perfect finishing touches. (I may have been a little overexcited just seeing design love fest's most recent post.) 

This year, I think I was a little unprepared for the holidays. I didn't spend too much time collecting and creating materials, and instead have relied on mixing materials I already had stored away in my closet. Resisting the urge to go on an Etsy shopping spree or stop by the craft store is always a small battle, and scouring my storage boxes for the right materials can be a challenge, but I'm happy to say that each and every one of my packages, gift or product, is completely unique.

After mailing these coffee cozies, I am officially out of my cute polka dot bags. I've had the heart stickers (also seen on my Thanksgiving cards) for at least a year before actually opening the package. Now I use them to keep gift tags in place.
I have a little drawer for extra yarn and string, and even the smallest pieces make for the perfect wrapping.
And of course, it's time to break out the festive ribbons, too.

How do you pack orders or give gifts?
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  1. Love the pink polka dot wrap!! Where did you find it? When I make a sale, I use plain pink paper like that but the box is sealed with tape that matches that paper exactly!

    1. I got the bags from this shop on Etsy - they have such cute things for packaging orders with! I have the cute little heart stickers too. I love finding things that go together nicely :)

  2. i don't think i would want to open presents from you. so thoughtful and cute! i love how you used yarn.

  3. your packaging is lovely! Your Etsy shop is so adorable!

  4. I love pretty packaging! The polkadots are my faves.

  5. These are lovely! I always try to use pretty ribbon or yarn and some lovely paper. I think the wrapping is half the fun of gift giving!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. Lovely gift wrapping!
    Half the fun of getting a present is the packaging, isn't it?