Thursday, April 17, 2014

refresh your outdoor space for spring: on bright, bold & beautiful today.

I recently wrote a post over at Bright, Bold and Beautiful on how to refresh your outdoor spaceeven a space as tiny as my deckand start sipping coffee and writing poems and all that springy stuff that makes April so amazing. Check it out here

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

created lately: crochet spring shawl.

Things are getting back to normal after an especially bad migraine spell that kind of made me useless for most of last week (and unfortunately the weekend). I'm looking a little sickly in these photos because of it but I was really excited about a new crochet design I finished this month. This actually isn't my favorite yarn to work with (though taupe is definitely my favorite neutral) but I have a soft wool in mind that will work well too.

I had been wanting to make either a shawl or poncho for forever but wasn't sure how to go create the drape and texture I wanted. Then when I finally gave up and was going to just crochet whatever, I accidentally formed what I was looking for... Don't you just love when things go your way?

This shawl works surprisingly well for warmer weather, despite the thick yarn. It's the perfect solution for chilly arms and unattractive spaghetti straps. It would probably work well draped over a skirt, too, as a little cover up.

Whenever I emerge (as I like to call it) from a headache or recover from a bad cold, I feel about 1000x more appreciative of my good health than I did before. Even the days that aren't so great mentally... I'm just happy to feel well and be able to be active and just go about my day... so here's to that!

What have you created lately?

Monday, April 14, 2014

trend i love: pineapple.

I'll never fully understand trends. There's the sleeveless blazer, there's faux-leather everything, all-neutral outfits, and whatever. Some make absolutely no sense to me. Then there's the ones I can't explain my dedication to. Like the pineapple trend. I can't explain it; I can only love it. Right now, I'm wearing a pineapple printed tank top and hoping I can successfully pull off this breakfast-y pineapple and coconut dish that I plan to make for dinner tonight. If you follow me on Pinterest you may haven noted the beginnings of my pineapple obsession. Let's just say this will be one tropical summer (sure, I'm getting ahead of myself, but I just know it).