Monday, October 20, 2014

big sur sunset

I've been an awful blogger lately but I'm hoping pretty photos will make up for it...

When I look back on our four days away earlier this month, I still feel very overwhelmed. With contentment, joy, longing, with an unreal feeling of smallness that never in my life has been so positive as it is when I think of a sunset over the Pacific. How wonderful it is to be so small looking out at something so incredible. One thing's for sure: it'd take something BIG to get me away from the west coast now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

new headbands for garden & sea

Gosh I just love fall. It's been cooler for two days in a row (and by cool I mean the 70s and I am well aware that's nonsense) so I got all over-excited and wore my scarf out and about yesterday morning. It was pretty chilly actually. Not to mention that grocery stores are freezing... So really I consider myself prepared. But judging from the looks and comments I got, we haven't quite reached scarf wearing weather yet. Sigh. It's also been super foggy for two days and I wish I could've hiked up to where we shot these headbands and done another little shoot. 

I've been seeing that a lot of my crafty friends are getting ready for fall shows. Sooo exciting! I went back and forth about applying to some when I decided that with my prices and pieces online-only might be good for me right now. Selling on Etsy is basically the least expensive business you can have, so to do anything else I'd have to raise my prices a bit - definitely enough to surprise people - so I'll have to think on that. But I can't wait to go shop the LA markets this year.

Monday, October 13, 2014

found: big sur, CA

Sometimes you dream of doing something or going somewhere and build it up in your head: what you'd do, what you'd see, what pictures you'd take, what you'd leave with - but no matter how you prepare, you don't know what to expect. Sometimes you build it up so high that almost nothing could really meet those fantastical expectations. Big Sur is a rare place that surpasses all those otherworldly expectations I set before we left. If you google McWay falls, you'll see endless photos just like mine... but being there yourself at the edge of the ocean - it's hard to explain; one day I'll find the words - you just gotta try it sometime. Today I'm editing hundreds of iPhone photos in between projects. More to come...

After this, we headed a bit north to a state beach just before sunset. It was a short hike to the water over a small creek, through fields, under canopies of trees, and finally across pristine sand that turned into stones beneath the waves. Somehow it was better. And then there was Monterey, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and San Francisco. There's so much you can see in four days. Kevin and I had an amazing time exploring these places. Now it's Monday and this morning LA was blanketed in fog and I went for a perfect walk but it's back to go, go, go all week long. We got back from our trip last Tuesday and I can't say I'm happy to be home. Going from three days of this - no setbacks, no negativity, just awe at the world being all those things I'd imagined but better - so much better than my pictures describe - I'm kiiinda having a hard time with it. I am looking forward to a few things though - editing more photos, some DIYs, writing, making Seattle plans... What's your week look like?