Monday, November 3, 2014

Creativity + change

I’ve come to realize that I depend a lot on change—even if it's as perceived a change as a new month. I don’t think I’d have ever realized this if it weren’t for moving from Seattle to LA. Now it seems that not only can I handle change, I can move and create it. With the leaves, so I’m changing things in my life too—a trip home next week, a new blog later this month—soon enough I’ll be in the rhythm that is November, and then it will be onto the next. (I won’t say this doesn’t cause anxiety much of the time, but today I’m feeling optimistic about such movement!)

Pencils: ACD Shop

Change propels me into creation. It inspires me to try something new, a snowball effect spiraling from one creative pursuit to the next. With that said—and I’ve only learned this recently—you also can’t always force change, and you relying on it is as unhealthy as resisting it. My apartment is uninspiring, we’ve been wanting to set up camp in a new neighborhood, to go on more adventures—there are a lot of unchanging things that become mental excuses to stay in one place with the things I can’t change.

My goal this month is to produce. To continue despite setbacks, despite not knowing what next month holds, and not being able to change a number of circumstances. It’s to enact change where I can—in my projects and hobbies and work. Not everyone gets to do so many of the things they love as part of their career, so my resolution is to be more conscious of that, be thankful, and—to do the work.

What does November bring for you?

PS: I’ll be checking in over the next two weeks, but if things get quiet it's because bigger things are coming! xx

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Watercolor DIY Kit

Wouldn't it be so cool to have a kit made out of your crafts? Watercolor artist Laura of Bright, Bold and Beautiful recently launched a DIY watercolor card kit with Darby Smart, the makers of those fun DIY subscription boxes that provide you with everything you need to create your own craft projects. I got to try my very first DS kit with Laura's project, so I thought I'd share what I did.

Here's what the box comes with: A set of 10 watercolor cards, a color palette, watercolors, and paint brushes. 

To make the cards, all you have to do is create a design with the filament. Luckily, it's not totally invisible, so you can see what you're working with. Then let it dry and paint on the color. Afterward, peel the clear parts off to reveal your design. 

My mom always used to draw these flowers on everything, so that's what came to mind for my first card. Not being very pro at watercolors or painting, I didn't get too experimental with the colors. 

You can find a short tutorial on the DIY process here.

While waiting for my cards to dry, I got a little crazy with cursive, dreaming up a few simple header ideas...

Now back to the cards. I love mixed media, so I immediately thought of these cute note cards I had and attached them with washi tape.

I ended up making a few different designs, but I still like the flower best... Despite my stunning cursive blog logo on the bottom right (not!). The best part is that the kit comes with 10 cards so you can repeat the DIY quite a few times, and I'll be trying more ASAP. By the way, the text shows up really well in person, even on my yellow background. I can never seem to get photographs just right. Such is life.

Thanks to Laura for letting me try out her Darby Smart DIY Watercolor Kit

Let me know if you snag a box for yourself.

Monday, October 20, 2014

big sur sunset

I've been an awful blogger lately but I'm hoping pretty photos will make up for it...

When I look back on our four days away earlier this month, I still feel very overwhelmed. With contentment, joy, longing, with an unreal feeling of smallness that never in my life has been so positive as it is when I think of a sunset over the Pacific. How wonderful it is to be so small looking out at something so incredible. One thing's for sure: it'd take something BIG to get me away from the west coast now.