Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sequoia national forest

Let me just tell you, LA people, when Google says Sequoia National Park is only 3.5 hours away, they mean riiiight to the edge of the green area, which happens to be 7,000 feet below the Sequoias themselves. This is where we went last weekend, and while we started to feel like it would be a never ending drive, it was all worth it in the end.  
After driving the windy roads all the way up the mountains, the air started to thin and it was cool and sprinkling. There had apparently been a storm right before, closing some hikes, but nothing but a few rain drops when we got up there. It was probably 55 degrees (just guessing)--so welcome when it's 95 at the bottom. We kept climbing! What's amazing is that as you drive up (if you come in from the west at least) the trees get larger and larger, starting with brush. Sequoias are the largest living things on Earth, and you can't even tell you're in a forest of them until you're right up at the top.
 So many perfect trees. I think this is where the ideal Christmas tree came from...
Finally, around 5pm we arrived at the largest organism in the entire world. What's cut out of the photo are all the people at the bottom taking pictures. The air is so thin up there at 7,000 feet, you have to take it easy when hiking around.
Each part of the forest is totally different from the rest; there are clearings and patches of trees alternating everywhere. I was so disappointed because the hike I'd planned through the meadows was another hour or two deep into the forest--what we saw was just the beginning--but it was already so late. So typical of me to think I have more hours in the day than there are!
Kevin had never seen redwoods before so he was pretty impressed. We were both actually thrilled to smell some of that fresh air. I loved the trees. I loved the clouds. I loved the crisp air and threat of rain.
Most of the time I felt like I couldn't really capture the enormity of the trees, but as we drove on I stuck my Nikon out the sunroof and started messing around. These images turned out to be my favorites.

 Reminds me of Snoqualmie in Washington.
Before we turned around to go back down we found this little lodge (so wish we had stayed there) with a shop and restaurant. More pretty Christmas trees were met with two reindeer lounging in the patch of grass and shrubs right in the middle of the parking lot. 
On the way down I was finally able to take in the view a bit more, since we were on the inside for most of it. I'm very, very afraid of heights. Just peeking out the window as Kevin drove made me nervous. Luckily most of the drive has barriers, but I felt really proud (though I was kind of forced to) to conquer a piece of the Sierra Nevada like this. 
It was 8 by time we got back down, so we caught the sunset on our drive west. 

Can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

around the neighborhood.

It's sooo nice to get out and walk around beneath the blossoms and branches. Life is good, but there is no other feeling like being outside. Even if it's nowhere but these quiet streets, I truly believe we should only be surrounded by those four walls a certain amount of everyday. Shelter + safety, yes, but a place to grow and create? At least for me, it cannot be done from inside.
All these images are from a short dusk walk last week. I want to get out of the apartment for awhile and just go... Even in Seattle, I'd want to get outside; the feeling grows when you only feel a raindrop every few months. 
Of course, I wouldn't mind the rain. It's been overcast off and on for a few days here, making me want to go out and explore more than usual, with welcome breezes and breaks in the heat.
 My favorite birds are always fluttering around out here.

A neighborhood is simple, quaint... there's not much to it, though it's where we spend most of our time.
But looking up at patterns like this provides a whole different perspective on the place. Hardly wild, we plant them so we can have something pretty to look at when we go out to check our mail.

 I don't mind when a gate is in the way...

 I've always loved spending time out on the sidewalk, doing nothing at all.

Makes for a perfect evening. Especially when your house is a magnet for heat. Ah, summer. I think I love every season in Los Angeles except summer. There's nothing like the beach and light through the early morning, but it reminds me too much of the things I love and miss about home, too. 

On another note, my camera is sadly on its way out... It's a Nikon D40 I've had since I started college, and there's no point in investing anymore into it. Can anyone recommend a good dSLR, fairly inexpensive, and easy to learn?

Monday, July 14, 2014

little office details

Ah, so obviously this little blog hasn't been the priority lately. But in all my rushing around to meet deadlines for work, visiting family, and trying to plan a summer adventure or two, I did make creating an office space a priority. I'll be back with a full recap soon, but my desk area now takes up half of a room in our small apartment, which is quite amazing after working from the couch for two months. I had one heck of a time finding the perfect desk for the space, and after returning four (yes, there's a story there!) thankfully CB2 came to the rescue with their go-kart console table and shelf. They're light and bright and soso perfect for crafting. Can't wait until I actually have time to craft!
Another addition is this cute 9-drawer mini-shelf. I'm obsessed with all those pretty vintage ones on Etsy, but as you might've noticed, there's hardly ever any under $100. So, yeah, not vintage, but still perfect for all those little things I save--but don't exactly know why. 
The acrylic look is so fun but I just don't think my office will ever look like those ones on The Everygirl--they're always so chic and clean. My space is bound to get a bit messy and if everything were clear all you'd see is tangled yarn and scrap paper. But I thought this cute clear box was perfect for ribbons and tape, especially after my kitty knocked over the glass jar I had them all thrown in anyway.

How has your summer? Any reorganizing? It's going by so fast!